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Color Craftsmen: Moving From Moral Support to Creating an Image

In 2014 Color Craftsmen had the opportunity to showcase their depth of talent on a new construction project. The client wanted a rustic, yet modern feel to the dining room - something that would set it apart from the house and make it a centerpiece to be admired. Color Craftsmen achieved this goal by creating faux finishes that resemble stone, using plaster and other materials to create depth and detail.

This project won Color Craftsmen the KILZ PDCA Picture it Painted Professionally Award for a Residential Decorative project. For John Bubenik, owner of Color Craftsmen in Missouri, the award means more than just the plaque on the wall. It means something on a personal level that goes beyond the etched name and the recognition.

“The award is moral support for me.” says John. “It helps me deal with ‘limiting beliefs’ and address those kinds of thoughts. We want to have a reputation in the decorative painting category. Since this award was in that category specifically it’s more meaningful to me and our clientele.”

The ‘limiting beliefs’ John is referring to are the thoughts that creep in and say ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘Someone else could probably do it better.’ These kinds of beliefs hold us back from our true potential by limiting us before we even get started. John values the support that the award (his second) has given to him and his crew.

“We won an award last year as well,” John continues, “but this year we won in the specific category of our business. Now it’s moved on from moral support to creating an image for the client, and that’s important for them. They need to see a reason as to why we’re different. I don’t necessarily think it means we’re the best, because there are a lot of great contractors out there, but it means we’re noticed. That’s all it takes for us to tell our customers that we’re commendable.””

Making sure the award is noticed is one of John’s top priorities. “The opportunity to play the ‘award’ card over and over again keeps the story alive. It may be an old story, but if it’s fresh content all the time on different channels then it echoes. Echoing your story like that is a good thing because it shows up in different ways with new things attached.”

“We’ve put out some press releases for this award and for some other awards we’ve won this year. On top of that we’ve followed up with a radio personality and have gotten a two-minute interview. We’ll take that recording and put it on our website for enduring coverage.”

John encourages everyone to get more involved in PDCA, whether it’s applying for an award, taking a course on Contractor College, or attending a local PDCA chapter or council meeting. “One of my favorite things about PDCA is the unplanned stuff that happens. You learn from each other. The guys who come to our chapter meetings are great. It’s a wonderful pool of information. I’ll be talking to another member without even expecting to learn something, but I always do.”