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A Scary Story Every Painter in the Internet Age Must Hear...

Here’s a scary story...

Don’t worry. I’ll make it quick, like I’m ripping off a band aid.

Ready? Okay. Here are the no-fluff facts:

  • The date was October 18, 2013.
  • WindowWorks, a long-time Spectrum client and all-around exceptional remodeling company, sent a contractor to prospect’s home to do an in-person consultation.
  • It wasn’t a good fit, which, as you know, can happen in the home services industry. So the contractor thanked the prospect, grabbed his car keys and drove off to his next appointment.
  • But the prospect was upset. She felt as though her time was wasted. She jumped on the Internet and vented her frustrations in a short yet potent “negative” review about WindowWorks.
  • By September 1st, WindowWorks’ online conversion rates had dropped by 2 percent, which translated into tens-of-thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

The drop in conversions, of course, was attributed to that one lousy review.

It’s not fair, but as WindowWorks and so many other service-oriented companies learned the hard way: when it comes to reviews, there’s little you can do besides roll with the punches...


How to Roll With the Review Punches

Unless a happy consumer is nudged, reminded and (even) incentivized to leave a glowing review, they probably won’t.

A disgruntled consumer, on the other hand, will take it upon themselves to leave a negative review far more often than their delighted counterpart – their incentive being that they’re dissatisfied.

Hopefully, being the diligent, industrious and customer-centric business owner you are, this doesn’t happen that often to you.

Oh, it’ll happen. It happens to everyone. But hopefully it doesn’t happen often.

After all, preserving your online reputation should be one of your highest priorities. Fall behind on that front and you may will find your online conversions taking a plunge, just like WindowWorks’ did.

The key, then, if you can’t necessarily prevent a negative review from surfacing every now and again, would be to prompt as many happy customers as possible to take action and leave a glowing review.


Reputation Management Software – it’s what helped WindowWorks preserve their excellent online reputation. It will help your business, as well.


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